When I deliberately pay attention to the present, and my thoughts are in harmony with my feelings and actions, I experience clarity and inner calm.

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

We are extremely complex beings and it could be no other way given that we are a sign of a wonderful reality that is full of all things and all people, the Universe. I believe that even the imagination we are endowed with would find it difficult to exceed the creativity of the universe. Our own nervous system and its connection with what we participate in, in our lives, is something that we are very far from knowing in its intricate complexity.
It is a wonder and we are still unaware of the reality of most of it!
For humans, in contrast to animals, it is possible to remember and imagine. That is, we are capable of feeling in the present what made us feel the way we remember from the past. Likewise, we are able to feel in the present the effects of just imagining what might happen in the future. That is, just by thinking we can generate emotions and feelings of happiness and pain. We are so used to doing it that it no longer surprises us. Habit makes us unaware of what we are capable. And it is really important because our quality of life depends on it. And as we are used to repetitive and automatic thoughts it does not even occur to us that having a bad time in life is our sole responsibility and it is quite possible to avoid it happening.
The theme song of our lives may become a masterpiece if we set ourselves to pay attention to the three instruments that interpret our lives: Thoughts, Feelings and Actions.
That is what we are and between the three of them they can make us feel terribly bad or sensationally good. We are the music that they interpret. If we free them to act at their discretion, we must be willing to accept the consequences.
Harmony in life is born of our intention to pay attention to the right combination of thoughts, feelings and actions.
We are the composers of the theme song of our lives.
At any moment in my life, if I deliberately set myself to pay attention, I can listen to how the song sounds observing how I feel with the thoughts that I have and/or with what I am doing.
If I pay attention to what I am thinking and/or feeling I will be able to do what is more attuned to achieving joy in living.
Music is constantly playing in our lives; it is so simple to listen to ourselves and seek harmony by raising or lowering the volume of our instruments.
Try it now, pay attention!