When I live the present, does my thought cease creating time?

Contribution from Isabel Hernández Negrin in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

Many times during the day I think voluntary or involuntary things like:

• We’ll see how it turns out tomorrow

• I’m bored of meetings like yesterday’s

• I can’t stand what Fulanito said.

• I should have told him something different from what I said.

• I’d like to find a better job.

• I hope I don’t end up with Javier.

You might notice that all of these thoughts have to do with past situations or future possibilities. Or if not, they are judgements being made about something that already happened. The fact of the matter is that we spend a large part of the day with this inner noise.

Have you noticed that this type of thought does nothing more than jump from past to future and rarely allows you to settle on the moment that you’re living?

However, whether by chance or by intention, sometimes your thoughts can be silent. In those moments, you are present, seeing the smile of an old woman, the plants bathed in sunlight or rain, the crying child, without involving yourself in any of it.

That is, without thinking about what you see, feel, or hear, you’re merely being conscious of what’s happening without creating a particular story about it.

In that state, all your energy is in the present. There are no thoughts about the past or the future, no desire for things to be different

Only peace.