When I suffer, am I this suffering?

Contribution made by Esteban Rojas Nieto. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Human life is spent trying to escape suffering. We represent it as a monster that threatens us. Not as part of ourselves but as something external, which is an illusion, because when we suffer we ARE the suffering. We are responsible for suffering, as well as overcoming it.

Suffering is the result of our resistance to what we live. If I FEAR to get sick, to be alone or my death or that of my loved ones, I SUFFER. And that suffering is created by the thought in trying to escape what I FEAR or the DESIRE OF THE PLEASURE that compensates it.

Leisure, drinking, drugs and many different forms of distraction are false doors that we usually use to evade the complaining states of suffering.

We can’t solve with thoughts the suffering that creates the same thoughts. To overcome it we must PERCEIVE IT WHILE WE LIVE IT. We must observe it from the silence of the thoughts. Far from the resistance that accompanies thoughts. I know it’s not easy, but neither is living caught up in the thoughts that feed the suffering. Suffering numbs us by consuming our energy and our life, pushing us to ramble constantly on the issues we regret.

Overcoming our suffering is our RESPONSIBILITY with ourselves, with others and with life in general. As long as we suffer, we will not have inner peace, and we will contribute with its violence to the world around us. Overcoming suffering is a way of life that involves OBSERVING OURSELVES INTENTIONALLY, MOMENT BY MOMENT, WITHOUT JUDGMENT of what we observe.