Is there life outside of the present?

Contributed by Isabel Hernández Negrin from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,


When we spend too much time remembering the things of the past or digressing towards the things of the future, all the time of our day just passes us by and we barely give ourselves a chance to live present in the moment that we are really living.

What we call the past, is only a collection of memories which, moreover, we reinvent each time we think about them.

And what we imagine about the future, are only holograms of possibilities that we fabricate and that, many times, disturb us and make us weak, rather than helping us.

Do you realize that we often try some delicious food and all of a sudden that taste brings back memories of some restaurant or some occasion when we ate something similar and we compare it, or we get to talk about that food instead of savouring it and simply enjoying it?

We constantly live with that noise in the head. Also, do not assume that this does not matter. You know that when you go around in circles about something unpleasant, your potential problem turns into anxiety.

That is, it does matter.

The images that pass through the film screen in our head always bring us emotions, feelings or judgments that leave us with a certain taste, sometimes unpleasant.

That unpleasant taste has much to do with fears or other feelings that have been dwelling inside us, perhaps, for a very long time. If there is a real problem, focus on this present moment by meditating on a coherent action that gives you a way out, a possible assimilation.

But stop thinking that perhaps the solution is in the future.

The only solution is here and now.

Whether it is a real solution or deciding that it is not really in your hands to do anything about it.

The important thing is that this will only happen in the present.

Outside of the present moment, everything is smoke. It’s much healthier to deal with it or discard it, and you can only do that in the present.

Outside of the present, there is no life.