When you pursue the desire to pay attention, you end up being exhausted.

Commentary by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile.

Whenever you pursue the desire for something that you do not have, you end up being exhausted. And that is not only because of the effort you must make to achieve it; it’s mainly because your attitude during the search for something you do not have, is of violence with yourself for not being satisfied with the absence of what you seek.

You consider yourself incomplete for not having what you seek. You disapprove of yourself. You do not accept yourself the way you are.

The attitude of dissatisfaction with how I feel is exhausting. When what you seek is a part of what you already are and you are unaware of it, the search is furthermore unsuccessful.

If you pursue the desire to tend to what you experience internally, you are pursuing something you already have, the desire to pay attention.

Never pursue a desire, pursue what you desire, paying attention.

And that too you already have.

Simply pay attention.

The only thing you lack is the intention to pay attention to what you perceive, feel, think or do in the present moment.

Every moment, every place, every condition of yours is suitable to pay attention to yourself.

All it requires is your intention to do so.

No matter how much time at hand you have for it, dedicate whatever time you can afford.

Do not seek anything within yourself, just observe whatever shows up.

Do not name it, do not judge it, just observe.

Practice it and you will soon realize that you feel far from exhausted.