Which is the origin of violence?
Contribution by Esteban Rojas Nieto in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

Can you set aside your assumptions and beliefs to inquire within yourself about how your violence arises and is fed? To do so, you must discard the ideas, conjectures, and hypotheses proposed by any culture, doctrine or creed; you must grant your self-observation (attentive to the present) the sole, relevant authority in understanding yourself. You must learn on your own, with all your attention. For all human history, there have been many attempts to overcome violence. We have fruitlessly searched for solutions within and outside of ourselves. We have even sown violence in the name of peace and love or gods or leaders who claimed to represent us.

To overcome violence in your life and contribute to overcoming human violence in general, it is vital that you dispel your ignorance about violence starting with your self-observation about how your own violence arises and is fed.

We cannot overcome violence without learning about it within ourselves.

We cannot overcome violence if we do not overcome it within ourselves.

What is the origin of your violence?

What is the origin of violence?

Is it worthwhile to observe myself in this regard?