While living resisting, am I resisting living?

Contribution made by Isabel Hernandez Negrin. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. 

There are situations in life that challenge us. In some of those situations, we feel the need to confront them, to resist them. We have already talked about this attitude before. Some people talk about the resistance to change, but let’s better talk about fear. The fear for things to be different to what I want and consider they should be. 

However, let’s stay with fear. We can have many fears: to loneliness, to death, to sickness, to losing your partner in life, to not achieving something, to losing your job. However, deep inside, it’s only fear, a basic common fear. Where there’s fear, there’s darkness. It weakens us. It paralyzes us and we react irrationally, resisting believing that what we fear is what is going to happen. 

Let’s see, how this thing about fear and resistance works. If we have felt a strong, distressing pain, we remember it. Then our mind comes and says to us “be careful, lest that pain comes back. What out!” Now you don’t feel pain, now there’s only a thought based on a memory, and that thought is the one that brings the fear. 

See how our resistance tends to come from our thoughts based on memories that they warn us putting a band-aid before we are hurt. We live in our thoughts, our beliefs, rules, and the “should be” that warn us of any supposed threat. 

When we live based on thoughts, we experience fear of things going “wrong”. However, life is not our thoughts, it’s much more, but we reduce it and want to force it to fit into our comfortable and secure zones, so it doesn’t wake our fear. 

We won’t resolve or eliminate fear with more thoughts, with control, courage or repression that would only drain our energy to understand fully. 

So how can we escape from this vicious cycle? Only when we can focus all our attention, without prejudices, to what we live inside in the moment they present themselves: jealousy, envy, anxiety, desire, impotence, etc. and we don’t run from it. Then, it’s possible, that we can the root of our fear and it will disappear, because it wouldn’t have a reason to exist. When we resist, it’s because we fear. We are afraid to live. But we can also live with whatever comes, without conditions, without fear. And, as always and fortunately, it’s up to you.


While living resisting, am I resisting living?