Why can’t I understand myself when I censor myself?

Comment by Jose Pares Perez. Concepción, Chile

When I censor someone, be it myself or another, I do it because I don’t agree with what they think or do. Somehow, I resist to it, his thinking or his actions, for it being at odds with what I consider normal in human behavior. Behind our concept of normality is a huge variety of sources that try to govern our work. The chains that limit the ways of thinking and acting in our life arise from customs, traditions, beliefs, etc. We seldom act according to what we feel. Rather, we often act on beliefs or standards and not on what we feel at each moment. We live as the maps of customs and beliefs indicate, rather than how our most intimate feelings dictate us.

Censuring us not only has consequences on our well-being for the permanent state of dissatisfaction in the relationship with me and with others. There is an additional effect that is tremendously important in censoring ourselves. If I judge myself by ethical standards, customs born of the cultures in which I was born, mandates imposed by my beliefs, I am limiting my freedom by giving credit to the thoughts of others. Watching you in the midst of your emotions, feelings, impulses, allows you to know yourself, allows you to grow because you care about yourself.

Feel what the reality of this universe offers you. In this unique way you will know yourself, you will love yourself and an unconditional love will be born for all that is. If you censor yourself, you will not have the opportunity to know yourself as you are; you will live the lives of others. Your life is the life you must live.

It is thought that has created the conflicts in this humanity that we are. Feeling yourself and learning from yourself will fill you with harmony, coherence and calmness. In such conditions, you need neither doors nor chains. If you understand yourself, you will stop censoring yourself.