Why do I experience conflict when I create a psychological moment like impatience, hope and ambition?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

Creating a psychological moment is what we often do without being aware of it when our thoughts move ahead of chronological time.
We live only and always in the present, however, we do it without noticing it. For example, we live by giving our children everything they need when they are growing up but we worry in the present about whether in the future they will have everything they might require. This seems completely natural and we consider it to be a normal maternal attitude. But we do not realise that this concern is out of place.
If you are doing your duty by your children now, will you not always continue to do it while they are your responsibility? So, why get ahead of yourself?
Life is lived now, without worry. It may be that the previous example of creating a psychological moment is very frivolous and even debatable as it is not particularly harmful. However, more serious conflicts arise when you are excessively interested in something in your future; something that you desire, need or believe you deserve.
Meanwhile your life, if you do not deliberately pay attention to the present will continue onwards without you. The time will pass without you being aware of your life, you will live in a distracted way and you will not just waste what life brings you, but the present that you will nevertheless experience, will be full of conflicts: dissatisfaction, frustration, fear, dislike, discouragement, annoyance, etc. We tend to live in that way when we allow ourselves to be led almost constantly by desires that we believe make our lives complete. If next weekend, we have a fabulous plan, that is great. But it should not in any way mean that we ought to waste the 5 wonderful days until then by not paying attention to every moment and our joy in living. Life can be complete and satisfying when we live in the present, accepting what we are. How different things are when you live dominated by desires that as we well know, follow one after another! Impatience, hope and ambition take us away from being present and distance us from our joy in living. For me, as the representative of the Universe that I am, the opportunity to live only exists now.