Why do I focus on sensations when I intentionally attend to the present?

Contribution made by Isabel Hernandez Negrin. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

If you are a regular reader or practitioner of our proposals, you know that when you don’t attend to yourself, energy is going to other things, such as wandering with involuntary thoughts, that spend it remembering situations, justifying us, worrying about the future, alerting us of possible inconveniences that may never happen. It’s like riding a galloping horse that takes us wherever it wants. When we go galloping, we have to be aware of that and we can’t afford to pay attention to the landscape or how we feel. To get off that runaway horse, which does not allow us a minute of peace, a simple way is to pay attention to the sensations that arise from our body. Since our body is always at the present moment, we will use it to land in the instant we live and stop looking at the movie that is constantly projected in our mind. As long as we don’t take the reins that way, the brain is going through episodes that often deal with things that we consider threatening, things that we fear, even if they are only in our imagination. These imagined concerns make us even more anxious or irritated than the external events of our day. Look at that. When you are like this, it is advisable that you realize it and get off that crazy horse, and take a moment to be where your body is and feel it. You can pay attention and feel your breathing, your body’s posture, your physical tensions, if you are agitated, the emotion, and your feet when you walk. The fact of voluntarily taking your attention to yourself, as is, gets you off the horse and puts you in the instant you live. When you drive your attention you are the master of your energy and she goes wherever you want it to be driven, but if you don’t drive it, it disperses and dedicates to trying to solve your fears and concerns and automatically react to events. Your imagination is not able to solve your worries; it will only put you on a fast track. Matters that await a solution from you can only be fixed when you approach them at the moment they are present, that is, the moment you live them and calmly attend to them. Problems are not “things” outside of you, the problems are you. You believe them and that’s why your attention should be directed to the sensations that you have in the moment, to your emotions and thoughts present and not imagining or remembering.

Therefore, I suggest you pay attention to what you need, to get off the horse and take it from the reins and not it to you.