Why do I normally distrust the unknown?

Contribution by Esteban Rojas Nieto, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain

The root of distrust lies in the fear of living in isolation.

Compulsive thought isolates me and through it I lose my ability

to learn. This ability requires me to be in touch with real-life experiences; that is to be aware of the present. By paying attention to the present I open myself to what is happening, so that it is not just that the fear and the conditions that create it dissipate, but also that by being open to the experience, I can learn from it.

When I live compulsively my automatic responses feed on my memory, on what is known.

When something happens, that is not familiar to me, I am afraid, I close in on myself, looking for arguments to defend myself.
I tend to distrust the unknown when I live compulsively.