Why do I not learn from myself when I blame myself?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile.

The form that has clearly demonstrated that it changes the way of life that we have acquired in the Western culture, is the practice of meditation to which we are not very close because we always live in a hurry.

Meditation is nothing more than to pause in order to observe and get to know ourselves.

Whatever it is that we do not like, we do not like it because we have not observed it attentively, with full attention.

Whatever worries us, it does so because we do not know what it is really about. We fear what we do not know. From whatever we observe in ourselves, tranquillity is born. Peace is born from getting to know ourselves.

One of the first things we can discover in ourselves, when we have decided that paying attention to ourselves in the present moment is the way, is that we often blame ourselves for who we are.

For some reason that we do not need to investigate, we do not like what we have discovered in ourselves; is something that we resist; that we reject from our reality.

Accepting our reality now in the present is the only path to the change that could seem necessary to us.

An attitude of rejection implies dedicating our time and effort to achieving a change in the future. No, that’s not the way. We know very well that to fight against a reality that we do not like is to maintain it permanently in our attention.

That leads to compulsive thinking.

Becoming aware of and accepting that reality is all that we need. I need to learn from myself because being interested in what I am, loving myself, is the only way to the inner harmony.

I pause and observe my inner reality and compare it with the outer reality of the culture in which we live.

The more I do this exercise, the more I am convinced of the parallelism of the inner and outer processes of:


This process, much repeated both within and outside of us, feeds on the lack of attention to what we are, a most disastrous ignorance.