With my crisis, do I contribute to the crisis of all?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

Even if I only affected myself with my “bad patches” it would be unacceptable since each and every one of the beings we are in Life are important.

These “bad patches” always affect those who surround us.

We are not alone in life, we are much less separate, than our senses perceive.

The most profound truth is that we are not separate at all. This is a truth that is not commonly accepted.

If the scientific arguments of modern physics were insufficient, now we can also add a technological argument. Observe how the world suffers because of the news from Syria.

Because of the death of a great group of sportspeople in a plane accident.

All sorts of news stories.

None of the painful news items in the world escape our emotions or our conversations. In a more profound, but yet comprehensible sense, the culture of a group of human beings, the attitudes that we adopt are passed continually from one to another. I suffer and rejoice in the face of reality because in my unconscious, since childhood, has been rooted what makes me suffer and what makes me rejoice. We all contribute directly or indirectly to the happiness or sadness of others. Gandhi expressed it in his way: “If you want to change the world, be the change you wish to see.” All of us are the world. If you want a world without war, find peace within you. Peace, like happiness, is what we are. If it were not that way, you would be distracted from yourself. Live your life in an aware way and you will contribute to the peace of All.